'Plasticine Art'

I had been invited to participate in an international art exhibition ‘Plasticine Art’, at the Jaffa Museum in the Old Jaffa area, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The displayed works include plasticine illustrations and films, animations by artists from all around the world who work with plasticine, as a medium to tell the story. My series of illustrations from the book ‘Big Brother Little Brother’ written by Rita Graham are on display. It gave me a reason to travel to Israel and show my work in this beautiful and historic museum in Tel Aviv.

The show is scheduled from 7th April 2017 to 31 August 2017.


Group Exhibition (October 1- October 14, 2016.)

Venue: ZPAP Gallery, Piwna street, Gdansk, Poland


Solo Art Show (July 10- July 16, 2015.)

Venue: Artist Centre Gallery, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, India.

Portrait Rangoli (Colored sand art)

Group Exhibition

October 2010

November 2011

October 2012

November 2014

Venue: New Girls School, Thane, India.