Updated showreel: 2014- 2019

Showreel: 2014- 2019- Hemali Vadalia
The works include: Stopmotion animation, Life studies(drawings and paintings), Clay illustration, Paper illustration(2D), Paper models, Pop-up craft, Rangoli(Colored sand art), iPad game for children designed with plasticine.

Rangoli of Francesco Totti, 2017

Rangoli is like colored powder art, created on the floor. The video shows making of a rangoli of Francesco Totti, commissioned by Bleacher Report, for his last game and farewell.

Traditionally in India, colorful rangoli patterns are created on the floor generally on festive occasions to welcome guests. It is also considered to be a very important part in the spiritual process during the festivals as there is a belief that when you have a rangoli outside home, the evil forces attempting to enter are repelled. In some traditions, simple patterns are made everyday by women in the family as it is also thought to bring good luck.

Music is “Indigo” by Yiruma

Tidy Kids iPad game

Design and animations for Tidy Kids iPad game: for Jolly wombat, independent publishers of children’s iPad games.

All the game elements~ illustrations, buttons, timeline, icons are handmade with plasticine. Designed for age group: 3-5 years.


My second film during Masters in Animation and Film Design at IDC, IITB.
Music By Kori Pop.

The gift

‘The Gift’ is my first animation short film, during Masters in Animation and Film Design at IDC, IITB. The project involved exploration of a framed narrative structure of storytelling through the story of a grandfather who creates a magical book for his grandchild.

Music is by Uttam Bhat.

Pop-up Card for a wedding couple

I made this booklet for a wedding couple, illustrating their good times and memories.

Popup card is inspired by the works of Masahiro Chatani and Keiko Nakazawa. I have made a few changes to the template I found; and made a customized card for them.