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“Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body cannot defeat it.”

― Robert Henri, The Art Spirit




Travels & Collaboration






“I have never seen anyone so talented being so humble. This girl put in so much hardwork for this inspirational talk.
Meeting people like Hemali makes my work, the best job on this planet. The time we spent together while preparing for this event was super fun. Me and my team learnt a ton from Hemali. Thanks for being so talented and lovely.”

-Hetal Mundra, Curator

Tidy Kids iPad Game
“Hemali has incredible artistic talent.
We scoured hundreds of artist profiles before we found her work, which stood out from the crowd from the very beginning. From the initial concepts through to details artwork we were constantly impressed by her creativity, empathy and eye for detail. She always exceeded our expectations and was simultaneously fun to work with and highly reliable.”

-Jim May, Co-founder Jolly Wombat, Independent publishers of iPad Game

“Among the set of students Hemali was the one who shined uniquely.
Although from a technical background she struck the difference with her natural talent for the visual arts and music.Thus erasing the speculations if one can set foot on a artistic career from a non-artistic back ground. Her devoted perseverance stands as a great source of inspiration. She exhibits tremendous will power to take on challenges when exploring new mediums, mixing different mediums to finally achieve the intended purpose.
The extreme levels of patience and the attention to details were the qualities she was admired for. A fine craftsman with entrepreneurial abilities, a gifted singer and warm person Hemali Vadalia is certainly a great potential for the storytelling medium.”

-K Abhilash Co Founder & Director at Headless Hippies



Fine Art

I’m passionate about realist art. Though I have just begun this journey, I do take commissions that involves copying the masters. I also do fine art portraits, in graphite, soft mediums and in oils.


I have worked with independent publishers of books, iPad games, children’s literature, magazine houses, start-ups and a lot of my friends and family, to create hand-crafted illustrations. I like working with people from different backgrounds as these collaborations often bring new ideas that are fun to work on. I love creating things that are meaningful and serves the purpose, tell a story in an engaging way. Below are some of the illustration styles that I have attempted so far.

  • Clay/plasticine illustrations
  • Paper models
  • Paper cutouts
  • Colored sand art
  • Watercolors
  • Photo ink
  • Pastels
  • Digital(Photoshop)


  • Music videos
  • Title/ credit sequence for films
  • Short films