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“Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body cannot defeat it.”

― Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Fine Art

I’m passionate about realist art. Though I have just begun this journey, I do take commissions that involves copying the masters. I also do fine art portraits, in graphite, soft mediums and in oils.


I have worked with independent publishers of books, iPad games, children’s literature, magazine houses, start-ups and a lot of my friends and family, to create hand-crafted illustrations. I like working with people from different backgrounds as these collaborations often bring new ideas that are fun to work on. I love creating things that are meaningful and serves the purpose, tell a story in an engaging way. Below are some of the illustration styles that I have attempted so far.
Clay/plasticine illustrations
Paper models
Paper cutouts
Colored sand art
Photo ink


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